A company’s success depends especially on the reputation gained based on its performance but also on its business conduct and the values it embodies. As a leading European group for planning, constructing, and managing complex healthcare facilities, our vision, our values, and the principles guiding our actions are essential factors in reaching our ambitious goals.  

Thus, as a reflection of its corporate culture, the VAMED Group commits to observing minimum ethical standards not only in interaction with its own staff, but also with customers, suppliers, and other business partners.

VAMED Code of Conduct To ensure these high standards, we have established a group-wide compliance system designed to make certain all (self-)commitments stipulated in the mission statement of VAMED and especially in the VAMED Code of Conduct are adhered to. 

An important part of this compliance system is the Code of Conduct set up within the VAMED Group. The VAMED Code of Conduct provides basic guidelines for complying with ethical principles and legal obligations in business activities and is shared by VAMED AG and its subsidiaries. 

In addition to codifying conduct codes into its Code of Conduct, VAMED has established a Corporate Compliance Office, one of whose responsibilities is training VAMED’s staff and preparing and monitoring detailed guidelines for the continuing development of compliance polices.

The VAMED Corporate Compliance Office is composed of a Chief Compliance Officer and four Business Unit Compliance Officers (one for each leading company). The Chief Compliance Officer is appointed by the Executive Board of VAMED AG and reports only to the board member of VAMED AG responsible for compliance. In this function the Chief Compliance Officer is not bound to any instructions of other disciplinary superiors. 

Upon recommendation of the Chief Compliance Officer, the management in each of the four leading companies of the VAMED Group appoints a Business Unit Compliance Officer who reports only to the Chief Compliance Officer and is not bound to any instructions of his or her disciplinary superiors.

This organization guarantees a continuous, independent, and group-wide opportunity for the Corporate Compliance Office to supervise and control compliance with the Code of Conduct within the VAMED group regarding possible infringements. Additionally, the Corporate Compliance Office regularly reports to the Board of VAMED about the ongoing development of the established compliance system, any infringements of the Code of Conduct, and the measures undertaken as a result of such infringements.  

The VAMED Corporate Compliance Office also serves as an information platform for the employees of the VAMED Group, who are required to observe the stipulations summarized in the Code of Conduct.